Ahead of his gig at Thompsons this Friday, Misfit selects the top ten tracks from Montreal based dj and producer, TIGA!

Montreal production veteran Tiga has made a career walking the very fine line between pop and club music. “Sunglasses At Night” gave Tiga a tremendous shot of confidence in his own singing voice, leading to a surprising career in charming, quirky synth-pop singles. Tiga initially did not set out to make this style of music, but production pal Jori Hulkkonen, the “Zyntherius” one convinced him he had the talent to pull it off.

While there are electronic treatments to Tiga’s voice that likely masked any early imperfections, the charisma Mr Sontag exudes comes through in spades, an icy-cool calm for a song that was incredibly camp in its original Corey Hart version. With Jori’s minimalist electro and infectious synth arpeggio complementing Tiga, you have an instant electroclash hit.

Interesting fact…Incidentally Tiga & Zyntherius took a song Europe never registered in its heyday, and made it one of the most overplayed singles of 2002.

After Nelly’s “Hot in Here”, Tiga does the hip hop routine over again, this time covering Public Enemy’s “Louder than a Bomb” a track that was one of the standouts on his 2006 album “Sexor”. It’s tongue-in-cheek track, although a little less than “Hot in Herre” but at the same time pretty hard-edged.

“Louder Than A Bomb” is rated as one of the best electronic tracks of 2004 and a blueprint for any hopeful electro house producers at the time.

Fresh from remixing Peaches’ “Shake Yer Dix”, Junior Jack’s “Da Hype” featuring Robert Smith and Alex Kid’s “Come With Me” to name a few, Tiga stepped into the limelight in 2004 with a brand new production, “Pleasure From The Bass”.

Sticking to the current electro styles at the time, the beats are a mish mash between house and breaks, incorporating a few 80′s disco style handclaps and percussive elements. What really makes this track shine is the bouncy bassline that permeates the whole track, which then gets the squelchy acid treatment halfway through. On vocals, Tiga tells the story of one man’s infatuation with the lower frequencies and how he build a life around it.

Pleasure From The Bass is a catchy track, possibly as catchy as his covers of Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” which he remade for his DJ Kicks compilation in early 2003.

“You Gonna Want Me” was recorded at Soulwax Studios in NYC & released on “Different Recordings”. It was another stand out track on his “Sexor” album which instantly showed his production class yet again. “You Gonna Want Me” was a altern8 cover and update of an acid house classic which utilised the help of Jake Shears from the “Scissors Sisters”

“You Gonna Want Me” was one of the most popular electro house tracks of 2005 clocking in over 2 million plays on youtube & furthering Tiga’s success on a global scale.

Dirtybird and Futureboogie signing Eats Everything lands on Method White alongside the great Tiga and Audion, for a collaborative one tracker.

“Dancing (Again!)” is a Saturday evening house bombshell with a poppy, above board edge, and its bouncy shells of bass jump to and fro between the “I wanna go dancing” vocals, instantly recognisable and surely a winner on any dance floor. There’s also a radio edit for listening playback on the EP… Let’s Go Dancing!!

Tiga has been sitting at the head of the table in Canadian dance music for decades. Having used his label to support a new generation of techno producers, Tiga put the focus back on himself with a track that he co-wrote with Jori Hulkkonen.

Like his breakthrough hit “Sunglasses at Night”, “Bugatti” features the Canadian producer’s nasal vocals, but on this occasion it’s what he’s driving rather than what he wears that’s of interest. “A girl comes up to me and says what are you driving, I said, ‘Bugatti’,” he intones. Although the backing track is more underground than “Sunglasses”, the combination of stripped back, slinky rhythm and androynous vocal resonated in mainstream clubs.

Tiga’s “Bugatti” Video is Like a Wes Anderson Movie on Techno and Acid. check it out.

If you haven’t figured out, Tiga loves fashion! “Shoes” is another track off his fantastic “Ciao” album. What’s brilliant about Tiga, is that despite the ridiculousness of some of his songs, he actually turns out plenty of tracks worth wearing….errr…hearing, thanks largely to his proficiency with a bassline.

“Shoes”is a track enhanced greatly by the beautifully bizarre video that made the rounds. It has one of those slithery, snaky basslines that you swear you’ve heard before, leading into an almost Beck-like level of deadpan as Tiga’s fetish leaning advances keep getting shot down by his would-be playmate.

For veteran producer Tiga, the new year means a new album. The multi-talented 41 year old announced a new studio album entitled “No Fantasy Required” and introduced the project with the release of its lead single, “Planet E.” “Planet E” is a collaboration between Hudson Mohawke and Tiga, who has also worked with equally-talented artists such as Matthew Dear for his new LP.

No Fantasy Required was released on March 4 2016. Well worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Premiered by Radio 1′s Annie Mac, “100” is the track from two producers who need little introduction by now, Tiga and Boys Noize.

In the past, Tiga and Boys Noize have remixed each other, worked on a motion picture and of course DJ’d together, but this is the first time they’ve worked as a unit in the studio. As you would expect, the production on ’100′ is slick and is a nod to the electro roots of both producers. There are acidic touches from Boys Noize, and the unmistakable vocal hooks of Tiga.

“808 Iraq” is another quality collaboration with Tiga. It’s basically made with analogue machines for DJs that need some good old raw House & Techno tools.

Boys Noize aka Alex Ridha released “Strictly Raw Vol.1” to celebrate 10 Years of Boy Noize Records. Alex started BNR to be independent, releasing his own music and to also have a platform for talented musicians & producers that try to sound different! STRICTLY RAW is also Alex’s reaction to the terribly generic edm mass market paying tribute to the very alive “underground” sound that we love and support.

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